Skip Tracing / Locate Debtors

Skip tracing is a term used to find someone, or an asset that has dissapeared or skipped town. I have the knowledge and resources to know how to begin, where to look, and how to legally find your subject. Of course not every case is a success, but my effort and report will satisfy you that a comprehensive search has been conducted. In many cases this service is needed to satisfy many court claims that an effort has been made to locate the subject whether found or not. I use a combination of data base searching and field visits where necessary. This service I provide Australia Wide.

Missing Persons

This service i provide Australia Wide and whilst most missing persons in Australia are found the person who is reported missing has dissapeared in most cases voluntarily. This service builds on the above service of skip tracing and can continue for months at a costly rate but each case is different and a free consultation with me will determine the cost and the likelyhood of success although not guaranteed in any timeframe set.


I can provide you with photographic or video evidence in family law matters, workplace absenses, infidelity, and occupancy checks. Privacy laws are adhered to and this service is quoted on an hourly rate as per matter with a minimum of a 2 hour engagement applicable in all matters. This service is available in the Brisbane Metro Area only.  

Field Calls

Field calls are a great way to confirm a subjects residence or if an asset is at a particular place or site. This service is quick and can confirm a result normally within days. This service is available in the Brisbane Metro area only.

Family Law Matters

I can assist in gathering evidence or taking statements in your matter. Every matter has different requirements by the court and this service should be discussed with me by telephone or in person prior to commencement.